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Error appears when Exporting in .goodnotes format or during Manual Backup

In rare occasions, you might see an "Attachment not found" message when exporting a document in .goodnotes format, or a "ZipError" message during a manual backup. These errors usually mean the document is corrupted, often because the app was unexpectedly deleted during file operations like syncing to iCloud.


If you have Goodnotes synced across another device as well, please check if the corresponding document has this issue on that device.

  • If no, please turn off "Use iCloud to Sync Documents" in Goodnotes menu > Cloud & Backup > Cloud Storage on the device with this issue, force-quit the app and relaunch it, then turn "Use iCloud to Sync Documents" back on. See if that helps resolve the error.
  • If that other device also has this issue with that document (or you don't have another device), what you can try is to restore from a device backup. If you open the Settings app > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Backup and see that "Last successful backup" shows a time earlier than this incident, please restore from that iCloud backup as soon as you can!

Failing the above, you will need to do either of the following:

  • Rebuild the notebook if it's small: Lasso-select every page and copy the content to a new page of a new notebook.
  • Export the document as a PDF, re-import the file and use it going forward, even though the existing annotations aren't editable, unfortunately.