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How to zoom and scroll through pages?

Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web allows you to effortlessly navigate your documents with a variety of zooming and scrolling options. 

Zoom in / out

  • Use the plus / minus buttons of the Zoom Controls on the bottom right.
  • Spread or Pinch with two fingers on the page.
  • Double tap on page to zoom in or out.
  • Press Ctrl and use wheel with mouse
  • Use trackpad zoom gesture
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl and +, Ctrl and -

Pan a zoomed-in page

  • Drag on the page in any direction with one finger in Read-only Mode or two in Edit Mode.

Scroll through pages

  • Swipe with one finger in Read Only Mode or two in Edit Mode.

    Note: For Horizontal, you can drag the scrollbar on the right edge to quickly scroll through pages.

Set Scrolling direction

  • Tap ... on the upper right corner > Scrolling direction > Choose Vertical or Horizontal depends on our preference.