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Highlighting with the Highlighter tool

The Highlighter Tool is very easy to use in Goodnotes and is useful for drawing over any words or objects on the page to highlight them without affecting their visibility.

Using the Highlighter

You can find the Highlighter Tool in the Handwriting Toolbar. You can then set the size and color of your strokes by using the contextual menu on the right-hand side. Customize a color or thickness slot by tapping it twice.


Choosing a color and thickness

The Pen, the Highlighter, and the Shape tools each have their own set of shortcuts for colors and thicknesses in the contextual menu (the right-hand side section). Straight line drawing

The highlighter allows you to set the option for always drawing straight lines, no matter how uneven your stroke is. This can be activated and deactivated in the Highlighter settings:

  1. Select the Highlighter tool in the toolbar by tapping on it
  2. Tap on the icon a second time to bring up the settings
  3. Enable or disable Draw in Straight LineDrwa

Tips & Tricks

  • If annotating a PDF, you can select some PDF text with a long-press, then choose Highlight to highlight the selection. Note that the highlighting stroke created this way will always be in yellow, but it can still be erased.
  • You can draw shapes with the Highlighter Tool.