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Add Comments to Notebooks

You can create an instant dialogue with your collaborators by long pressing on your notes to leave a Comment. Comments add another layer of information to your document and allow for a much deeper level of collaboration.

Comments can be easily added on the fly and allow for discussion to start without intruding on the existing document. The feature has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Education: Teachers can share their handouts with students and start a conversation about the study topic in the Comments. 

  • Self-study: Students who have a Notebook full of notes might run out of space on a page, but Comments allow additional notes within the limited space. Almost like a collapsable sticky note.

  • Collaboration: Interior designers can share their furniture selections on a shared floor plan, allowing clients to share thoughts on the furniture suggested on the page.

How can I create a Comment within a document?

  • When you have opened up a document, simply perform a long press with your finger or right-click with your cursor to open up the edit menu, then select Add Comment.
  • You can also move created Comments by utilising a long press, right-click or the Lasso Tool.


What does Resolve do in the Comment popover?

  • When you want close out the conversation, you can hide the entire Comment thread by pressing the Resolve button.


How can I show all resolved Comments from the past within a document?

  • From the top right corner of the screen, tap the "..." icon to open up the menu. Look for Show Resolved Comments, toggle this on and all the resolved comments will be visible within the document.

Can I hide all Comments from a page?

  • We do not offer the ability to hide all Comments at this stage. However, if you intend to close conversations that have been ended or are no longer valid in your document, you can use the Resolve button in order to hide them.

Can I mention a user in a Comment?

  • We do not support the ability to mention other users at present, but it may be something we look toward implementing in the future.