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Frequently requested features for Goodnotes 6

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us on how we can improve Goodnotes to better meet your needs.

We have received many requests and have listed them in order of popularity. If you see one of your ideas on this list, rest assured that it has been recorded in our system for consideration. To search this page, simply use the Control-F or Command-F function. (✅ = already supported)

  • Internal hyperlinks ✅ 
  • Password protection
  • Precision tools: Ruler ✅, Compass, Protractor
  • Replacing handwriting with converted text ✅  / Converting multiple pages to text
  • Collapsible / Sticky handwritten notes
  • Pencil style
  • Dashed / dotted style ✅
  • Spanning objects across pages / Infinite page
  • Color picker (Eyedropper) ✅ 
  • Inserting tables/charts
  • More Sort options in library
  • Moving objects to the front or back / Layers ✅ 
  • Inserting audio/video/animated GIFs
  • More languages for handwriting recognition and search (Swedish, etc.)
  • Support for right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)
  • Sharing folders for collaboration
  • Extracting highlighted content
  • Checkboxes, superscripts and subscripts for typed notes
  • More eraser sizes
  • Customizable toolbar ✅ 
  • Locking objects to avoid erasing them
  • Adding margins to PDFs
  • Indented / Hierarchical outline items 
  • Two-page book view in one window
  • Going back to previously visited page after following hyperlinks
  • More cloud storages for Auto Backup (NextCloud, Tresorit, WebDAV ✅, private clouds, etc.)
  • Syncing to non-iCloud cloud storage
  • Rectangular lasso selection
  • Saving custom text colors like with pen colors ✅.
  • Flipping / Mirroring images

To see other requests, please visit our Feedback Forum.