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Offline Editing FAQ

Discover offline editing on Goodnotes for Android, Windows and Web. You can now access and edit your recent documents even in offline environments, empowering you to continue your note-taking experience without a constant connection. Our ongoing efforts focus on refining this functionality to make the offline experience even more enjoyable.

What features are supported in offline mode?

While in offline, users can create notebook, create quick notes, open recently modified documents in the library, add pages, rotate pages, remove pages, change templates and continue editing your documents.

All the notes are safe on your device. Please do not sign out before syncing your documents to the cloud.

What happens if I sign out of the Goodnotes app?

If you sign out from the app, manually or inactive for the last 30 days, for privacy and security reason, we would remove the document copies from the device.
Once you sign-in, the app would start the process to download a copy of all the recent documents to your device.

What are some of the common features that are not being supported during offline mode?

While in offline mode, certain actions such as export the document, bookmark/un-bookmark a page, favorite/unfavorite a document, favorite/unfavorite a folder, create custom element(stickers) collection, create custom element. Some of the custom elements, and custom templates may also not be available while offline.

Why am I unable to access some of my pages in offline mode?

If the devices have been given sufficient time to preload the entire document before entering offline mode, you should be able to access and edit all pages. However, in the event that internet access is lost before the opened document completes its preload, there is a possibility you may encounter greyed-out pages, indicating that some pages have not been rendered. Rest assured, you should be able to view them once you are back online.

Why am I unable to access certain documents while navigating through nested folders in offline mode?

While we are actively working to enhance and provide an "offline" editing experience, you may notice that, at this stage, only a limited number of documents will be downloaded for offline editing. Currently, priority is given to notebooks in the document view that were opened or modified in the last 30 days.

What occurs if my connection is lost while I am still in the process of taking notes?

You can continue taking notes offline and once you are back online all your notes will be synced automatically.

When can I expect my notes to synchronize with Goodnotes Cloud again after making edits in offline mode?

Upon regaining internet access on your devices and opening the document, all edits made will seamlessly synchronize with Goodnotes Cloud. This ensures that your latest notes are saved and preserved across platforms.

What happens if I restart Goodnotes app or restart my device?

No need to worry if you had to restart the app or device before syncing your documents. Once you are back online and open Goodnotes app, all the unsaved notes will be synchronized. Afterward, you can access these synced notes from other devices, including a web browser.

When the sync status appears as "error," what does it signify, and what actions can I take to address it?

Instances of encountering an "error" state during the synchronization process should be uncommon. However, if your internet connection is restored and the sync becomes stuck at this stage, you can attempt to resolve the issue by tapping on the refresh icon.

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