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Preview strokes with the Hover feature

Goodnotes supports the native Hover feature so that you can preview a pen stroke on the page before applying it on the digital paper.

This can be useful for users who rely on precise and intentional strokes in their note-taking or drawing process. It allows for a more interactive and visual experience, providing immediate feedback on the potential outcome of an action before committing to it fully.



  • Apple Pencil 2nd generation, or Apple Pencil Pro, and a supported iPad:
    • Hover with Apple Pencil Pro is supported on these devices.
    • Hover with Apple Pencil 2nd generation is supported on these devices:
      • iPad Pro 11in (4th gen)
      • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen)
  • Apple Pencil hover is enabled in device Settings. It's on by default, but in case it's off, you can enable it by going to device Settings > Apple Pencil and turning on Show Effects when using Pencil.

How it works

When using an Apple Pencil with Hover support in Goodnotes, the following interactions are possible:

  • Hovering the Apple Pencil tip over the page itself will show a preview of the action that would occur on the page. For instance, if you have the Pen tool selected, hovering the Apple Pencil over the page will display a preview of the stroke that will be created once the tip makes contact with the glass surface.
  • When you hover the Apple Pencil tip over a tool icon, a tooltip for that tool will be displayed, providing quick information about its function.