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How to Use Items from the Marketplace

Your Marketplace downloads are automatically added to your library. Ready for use!

Using Planners or Notebooks:

If you’ve got a planner or notebook, dive right in and start enjoying it! Need another copy? Just head back to the Marketplace and re-download it anytime.

Using Covers or Paper:

Marketplace covers and papers often come with multiple styles for you to choose from. Just pick the page you love.

  1. Export covers or paper items as PDF files.
  2. To extract the desired page:
    • Open the PDF on your device.
    • Select "Print", choose the desired page, and "Save as PDF".
    • Alternatively, you can use online tools such as SmallPDF.
  3. You can use the extracted page right away by selecting New > Import, or you can import it into Notebook Templates for later use.

Importing Covers or Papers as New Templates:

  1. Tap the gear icon at the top right > Manage Notebook Templates.
  2. Choose Cover or Paper—whatever you need.
  3. Tap Edit > Import Template. If you want to use a new Template Group, scroll down and select Create a new group before importing.
  4. Pick your PDF and give your new template a name. Note: Only the first page of your PDF will be used as the template.
  5. The Cover or Paper is now added to your Notebook Templates.

Change Template of existing pages

  1. Open the page where you wish to change the template.
  2. On the sidebar, tap on the three dots […] > Change Template.
  3. Choose your new template and hit Apply.
  4. Explore, enjoy, and let your creativity flow!

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