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Samsung Exclusive Offer - Frequently Asked Questions

Attention all proud owners of the spectacular Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series devices! Get ready to elevate your note-taking experience to new heights, you're in for some incredible offers when using Goodnotes! This is only the beginning of our journey. Our team is committed to expediting enhancements and updates while you would enjoy full features with your Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Devices. Stay tuned for exciting updates and enhancements!

How to become a Samsung Premium user?

If you open your Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series device, you should find Goodnotes already pre-installed. If you have accidentally deleted the app, you can always download it from the Samsung Galaxy Store. After launching the app, simply sign up to create your Goodnotes account or sign in if you already have one. Then you're all set to get started!

What benefits do I have as a Samsung Premium user?

You can enjoy a year worth of Goodnotes premium features on Android, Windows, Web and iOS. Plus, after the initial year, you'll continue to enjoy a generous 20% discount on the second year subscription.

You can also enjoy exclusive sticker packs and templates that are for Samsung S9 users only. What's more, you will have the advantage of creating unlimited notebooks to suit your every need!

How do I cancel the Samsung Premium subscription before it renews?

It is a commitment-free subscription that does not require payment information, and as a result, it will not auto-renew, eliminating the need to cancel the subscription. When the free year finishes, no charges will be applied. You will have the option to select a free plan or initiate a payment plan for the following year. Learn more: How do I cancel my Samsung Premium subscription before it renews?

The "Renewal date" displayed on the "Manage account" screen signifies the end date of the free year, there is no automatic renewal for the Samsung free Reward. 

Where do I find the Samsung Premium stickers and templates?

As a valued Samsung customer, you will gain access to a variety of exclusive Samsung Premium templates. In Documents tab, New > Get Premium Templates, simply choose download and it will be imported to your library. You can also explore and choose from a premium collection in your template library, while creating new notebooks, adding fresh pages, or even changing existing page templates. Furthermore, you will have access to a collection of exclusive elements in your Elements library. Easily explore and choose from these exclusive elements by tapping on the Sticker icon.

I have accidentally deleted the app, will I lose my Samsung exclusive benefits?

No, the Samsung Exclusive entitlement is tied with your account. You can simply download the app and login with your account to continue.

If I delete the account, will I lose my Samsung exclusive benefits?

Once the offer has been claimed, it is tied with the account. Please exercise caution when deleting the account as doing so will also remove the Samsung premium subscription, which cannot be restored.

If you decide to delete your account, keep in mind that this action will also remove your Samsung Premium subscription permanently. When you try to delete your account, the app will remind you to cancel any active subscriptions, in the case of Samsung Premium there is no need to cancel since it does not auto renew.

If I change devices, can I carry my Samsung exclusive benefits with me?

Once you have registered, the Samsung Premium entitlement is tied with your account. You can sign-in with your Goodnotes account on other device to seamlessly continue working on your notebook and enjoying the benefits.

I used the wrong email address to sign up, can I transfer my Samsung Premium user offer to another account?

Unfortunately, once you have signed up, the offer is tied to the account and cannot be transferred.

Can I sign up a second account with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series devices and enjoy the same Samsung Premium benefits?

No. Only the first account signed up with your device can enjoy this benefit.

I am already a paid user / started free trial, and recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Can I still receive this Samsung Premium offer?

The benefit is not available to paid user accounts or accounts on free trial. However, you can claim it using another account with no prior trial initiation and without any existing subscriptions.

I am not sure if I am already signed up to this offer or not, how do I check?

To check your current plan, choose the gear icon on the upper right corner > Manage account > Manage subscription. If you are a Samsung Premium user, your current plan should be shown as Samsung Free Reward along its end date.

I can't find the offer on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series device. What should I do?

First, ensure the app is installed from the Samsung Galaxy Store. If uncertain, simply reinstall it from the Samsung Galaxy Store. After that, log out and log back in to ensure that the account status is properly updated.

Verify that your account has not initiated the trial period or has an active payment or subscription. The offer is not available to paid user accounts or those on a free trial. If your account falls under these categories, consider using a different account without prior trial initiation and with no existing subscriptions.

Make sure you have not previously signed up with another account on this device, as it may have already claimed the offer. Please note that accounts with the same email address but signed in through different methods (e.g., "Sign in with Microsoft," "Sign in with Google," and "Sign in with Apple") are treated as separate accounts.

What happens when the free 1-year Premium subscription finishes?

Once you have signed up as Samsung Premium user, you can enjoy All Platforms Yearly membership, previously know as Goodnotes Pro, for a full year for free. For the first year, no commitment required, and no credit card information required. When the full year is finished, you will enjoy 20% off if you decide to subscribe. If you decide not to subscribe, when the 1-year free period ends, you can still enjoy the free plan features without subscription. Please note that on free plan, you will be limited to editing 3 notebooks. For details, please see Samsung Exclusive Offer Renewals FAQs