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Samsung Exclusive Offer Renewals FAQs

After your complimentary year of Samsung Premium, you’ll get to enjoy an exclusive 20% discount if you choose to continue with a subscription. But don’t worry if you decide it’s not for you—you’ll still have access to the free plan features, allowing you to edit up to three notebooks. 


What happens to my Goodnotes access on my Samsung device if I don't renew my membership?

If you decide not to renew your Goodnotes membership, you can continue using Goodnotes as a free user on your device. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Access: You can open and review your previous documents.
  • Notebook Limit: You can create and edit up to three notebooks.
  • Document Sharing: Sharing documents will not be available.
  • Import Limits: You can import documents up to 5MB in size.
  • Marketplace Access: You will lose access to regular free items from the Marketplace.
  • Watermarked Exports: Any documents you export will include a watermark.

Can I change my plan when I renew?

Absolutely! When it’s time to renew your membership, you have the flexibility to choose between:

  • All Platforms Yearly Plan: This plan provides premium access across all supported platforms, including iOS.
  • Android, Windows, & Web Yearly Plan: This plan is ideal if you're using Goodnotes on non-iOS devices.

If you also use Goodnotes on iOS devices, we recommend continuing with the All Platforms Yearly plan for the best experience.

Can I keep using Goodnotes after my membership expires?

Yes, you can! Even after your membership expires, you notes will remain safe, you’ll still be able to access your notes as a free user. Please see: What happens to my Goodnotes access on my Samsung device if I don't renew my membership?


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