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Convert handwriting to text in Goodnotes 6

Converting your handwriting to text is simple and can be completed in just a few short steps via utilizing our Lasso Tool. Here's how you can convert your handwritten notes created in Goodnotes to typed text:

  1. Select the Lasso Tool from the toolbar.
  2. Circle the handwritten notes you want to convert.
  3. Tap on the selection and tap Convert > Text.
  4. Tap the Convert button in the upper right to replace the handwriting with the text. The text will have roughly the same size as the original handwriting, and its color will be the same as the first letter of the handwriting.

Hint: You can also Drag and Drop handwriting to an external app, where it will be automatically converted to typed text if the receiving app supports it. This is useful for dragging tasks from your meeting notes into your to-dos app, for example.


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