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Convert your Handwritten Math to Rendered Math [Experimental Feature]

Say goodbye to messy handwriting and hello to beautifully typeset equations, effortlessly converted by the power of AI. Your Math notes have never looked so neat!

What can Math Conversion do?

With Math conversion, you will be able to:

  • Turn your handwritten equations into a typeset equation.
  • Generate a LaTeX formula from your handwritten equations.
  • Copy your typeset equations as images to be used elsewhere.

Show me how!

It’s simple to convert your Math handwriting into text and LaTeX.

  1. Write out your equation.
  2. Use the Lasso Tool or an Ink Gesture to circle and select your equation.
  3. Select Convert from the pop-up options, then select Text/Math.

Convert.jpg Math.jpgFinal.jpg

Please note: If you have converted what you have written to Math, then your handwriting will be quickly converted into a typeset equation. If you have also included handwritten text in your selection, the engine may not be able to determine which is text and which is Math so make sure you only circle your Math.

Now what can I do?

Move, cut, copy, delete, scale, rotate, or take a screenshot of the converted math

Once your handwritten math is converted to a math object, it can be selected and manipulated with most of the lasso commands. See Select, move and edit content on the page.

Additionally, you can also:

Share the formula as LaTeX or image

  1. Lasso the formula and tap on the selection.
  2. Choose Share > LaTeX or Image, then choose an action from the Share sheet, or choose Copy so that you can then paste the LaTeX or image on the page.

Edit or copy the LaTeX or the original handwriting

  1. Lasso the formula and tap on the selection.
  2. Choose Edit, then do either of these:
    • Edit the LaTeX shown at the bottom of the view.
    • To copy the LaTeX text, tap the Copy icon to the right of the text.

    • To copy the original handwriting, tap the … icon > Copy Handwriting.

As we take steps to improve this experimental feature, there may be usage limitations.