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Goodnotes 6 Terms and Conditions - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of our Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions page is a contract between you and Goodnotes. It defines the terms and conditions on which we shall provide you access to the Goodnotes services and allow you to use Goodnotes services, features and functionalities.

What are Goodnotes services?

Goodnotes services includes the Goodnotes app (as it is available on different digital platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS and the web application) and all other functionality maintained by Goodnotes Limited (including Goodnotes Cloud, Goodnotes Beta and Goodnotes Marketplace).

Do I need to register to use Goodnotes services?

No, some parts of Goodnotes services will be accessible to unregistered members. For example, if a registered member has shared content from Goodnotes services you may be able to view or edit some of the content. However, the extent you are able to use Goodnotes services will depend on whether you have registered an account.

As a user, do I own the intellectual property to my notebooks and documents?

You own all the intellectual property rights to your notebooks and documents. For us to perform Goodnotes services, we must obtain from you a limited licence to access, host, cache, store, transmit, reproduce, distribute and modify (only in relation to formatting if necessary), transmit, duplicate, adapt, translate and create derivative works - solely in connection with providing Goodnotes services to you and by making your notebooks and documents available through Goodnotes services.

What IP is transferred to me as a user?

Goodnotes retains all the intellectual property connected to the Goodnotes services, including without limitation, all trade marks, logos, copyright in works, service marks and service names, and all other elements related thereto, whether they are registered or not.

Will Goodnotes ever limit my usage of any features?

Goodnotes AI and Goodnotes Cloud have fair usage requirements. This means in order to ensure fair usage of these features across our user-base, we may have to limit, remove or restrict your access.


Does Goodnotes use my User Content to train its AI features?

Goodnotes assures users that it does not access or collect data from their notebooks to train its AI features. However, users of Goodnotes can voluntarily submit their data through ‘Feature Feedback’ under section 3.7.1. Goodnotes may use this information to improve its services, but only if it is submitted voluntarily.

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