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Manage your Goodnotes account and subscription in iOS

Note - this article is related to Goodnotes Accounts across Apple devices. For information on Goodnotes Accounts on Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web, please see our other help article on this.

Managing your Goodnotes account is as easy as creating it in the first place via an existing Apple/Google/Microsoft account.


View your account info

Simply tap the ⚙️ icon in the top-right corner of the Library view, and then tap your profile name:

You will see the following details on the Account Info page:

  • Membership Type: Annual, One-time payment, Free Trial, or None (i.e. free plan).
  • Member Since: the date the Goodnotes account was created.
  • User Name: the name retrieved from the Apple/Google/Microsoft account that you logged in to. Currently this name can't be changed.
  • Linked Via: the login provider, namely Apple, Microsoft, or Google.
  • Email: the email address used to create this Goodnotes account.

Important: If you want to restore your subscription on another device, log in to Goodnotes on that device with the same Goodnotes account, that is, the same login provider ("Sign in with X") and the email address shown here.

Sign out of your account

  • Tap Sign Out and confirm.

Delete your account

  • Tap Delete Account and confirm.

If you use Goodnotes across multiple platforms, please be aware that deleting your account on any one platform will result in the deletion of your account across all platforms. 

  • if you are using Goodnotes on iOS devices only: This will delete the Goodnotes account, but not your local documents on iOS devices, iCloud-synced documents, or your subscription on Apple App Store. You can then sign in to Goodnotes again and any existing Apple App Store subscription will be migrated to that Goodnotes account.
  • if you are using Goodnotes for Android/Windows/Web: Deleting your account on iOS device will result in the removal of associated data and subscription purchased on these platforms. Before deleting your Goodnotes account, it is advised to export the documents of Goodnotes for Windows/Android/Web as a backup.
    • Goodnotes 6 yearly plan user: Deleting your Goodnotes account on an iOS device will also remove Android/Windows/Web library, but not your subscription on Apple App Store.
    • Goodnotes Pro and Goodnotes for Android/Windows/Web plan user: Deleting your Goodnotes account on an iOS device will also remove Android/Windows/Web library and your subscription purchased on these platforms. Please note that the removed subscription cannot be restored.
    • Free plan users using Goodnotes for Android/Windows/Web: Deleting your Goodnotes account on an iOS device will also remove Android/Windows/Web library.

Manage your subscription

  • Tap Subscription Type to see the following details:
    • Renewal Date: when your current subscription (even if canceled) will expire.
    • Subscription via: where you bought the subscription, e.g. App Store.

Cancel your subscription

If you're trialling Goodnotes 6 as a paying GoodNotes 5 user, you'll be switched to the free plan of Goodnotes 6 when the trial ends, so you don't need to worry about canceling the trial to avoid an automatic renewal charge.

However, if you're trialling Goodnotes 6 as a free Goodnotes 5 user, the trial will become a yearly subscription when it ends.

Should you decide to cancel your yearly subscription, you'll need to do it at least one day before the Renewal Date shown above to avoid being charged automatically for the following year.

See Cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad

Troubleshooting Goodnotes Account Issues

  • "It looks like you already have a Goodnotes account" screen: If you see this screen, it essentially means that the Goodnotes Account you are trying to sign-in with doesn't match with the one you originally made. When you first sign up to Goodnotes 6, the app will connect the first Goodnotes Account you made to your Apple ID. 

    If you then try to sign in with another Goodnotes Account that's not connected to your Apple ID, this error message will show. To resolve this, you can either log into and delete the original Goodnotes Account that's currently connected, or opt to use this original Goodnotes Account. For more information, see our help article on this topic

  • "Instead of seeing my email address, I'm seeing a random string of letters and numbers": In this case, you likely have "Hide my Email" enabled. This is an Apple feature that essentially provides apps with a proxy email to protect your information. There's no problems with using this feature, and your app will still function as normal (although this may be confusing). If you'd prefer to not use this, see How do I replace my Hide My Email address shown on Account Info?