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GoodNotes or another app doesn't appear in the Share Sheet

Sometimes "GoodNotes" might have disappeared or not be available from the Share sheet when you're trying to share a PDF/Image from an external app with GoodNotes. Similarly, this might also happen with other third-party apps in the Share sheet after you have exported a document from GoodNotes.


Unfortunately, GoodNotes has little control over this. While an app can declare that it's compatible with certain file types like PDFs, it's up to the iOS/iPadOS system to decide what apps to include in the Share sheet based on your usage patterns, especially when it comes to the popular PDF/PNG/JPEG format that many apps can open.

That said, here are some tips to get GoodNotes / the external app prioritized for appearance in that sheet:

- Restart the device to iron out any possible misbehaviors of the system.

- Scroll the very top row of the Share sheet all the way to the right, tap More (...), tap "Edit" and tap the green plus button next to "GoodNotes" (or the external app), or similar commands (e.g. "Copy to...") . Tap Done.




- Spend more time importing PDFs/images from within GoodNotes / the external app. Hopefully the system will learn this typical workflow and start putting that frequently used app in the Share sheet.

- If you'd like to always see "GoodNotes" in the Share sheet, import this "Open in GoodNotes 5" shortcut into your device: Open the link, choose Get Shortcut. When the Shortcuts app pops up, choose Add Untrusted Shortcut, exit the Shortcuts app and try sharing a PDF from an external app. Tap this new entry in the Share sheet to open the PDF in GoodNotes. 


Note: If you don't see that new "Open in GoodNotes 5" entry, restart your device and try again.

Using GoodNotes on a device managed by an organization (University, School, Company)

In some cases, GoodNotes (or an external app) may not appear in the Share Sheet because the organization that manages the device you're using hasn't enabled third-party app access. Please ask your IT department to verify and enable GoodNotes (or the external app) to accept and share documents from/with other apps.