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I can't interact with hyperlinks within a PDF file

If you import a PDF, such as a planner bought from our Shop, any hyperlinks in it will also work in GoodNotes.

GoodNotes offers 2 ways to open/interact with your links within the PDF file:

  • In Pen mode: Long-press a hyperlink then choose "Open Link":
  • In Read-only Mode: Tap the Read-Only icon then tap on the hyperlink to jump to a section right away.

If this method doesn't work as explained, try opening the PDF in an external PDF viewer and see if the links work in it. If so, please share that problematic PDF file with us and we'll have a look what's happening there.

Note: If you're using GoodNotes for Android/Windows beta, it's expected that any hyperlinks in an imported PDF do not currently work. Please cast your vote here and stay tuned for the next few improvements!