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Share a document for collaboration

Goodnotes allows you to create shareable URLs to documents that others can use to access and edit them together with you.

Instead of sending copies back and forth, merging different versions, making sure that everyone always has the latest information, or exporting large documents, you can now simply generate a link and share it however you want.


  • Use iCloud to Sync Documents needs to be enabled in Goodnotes Cloud Storage Settings. Changes synchronize between participants in near real time, and via iCloud as a fallback.

Share a document for collaboration

You can share a document with other users by enabling Link Sharing.

A shared document is currently public and anyone with the link access and edit it. You can disable Link Sharing at any time, which will revoke access to the document. We recommend sharing links with trusted people only. For extra protection, consider backing up your documents before sharing them.


Enable Link Sharing to collaborate

To enable Link Sharing, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a Goodnotes document that you want to share.
  2. Tap the Share icon in the Nav Bar > Enable Share Link to Collaborate.
  3. Tap Send Link to share it.

Accept and open shared documents

When someone else sends you a link to a shared document, open the link from your device to open the document in your Goodnotes app directly. All shared documents (that you shared or that others shared with you) will appear in the Shared tab in the Library View.

Tip: You can apply filters in the Shared tab for a more focused view.

Disable Link Sharing

If you are the owner of a shared document, you can disable Link Sharing at any time, which will revoke access for all participants that have already accepted the share and the document will no longer be accessible via the URL. To disable Link Sharing, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Shared tab in Library View, tap on the down arrow next to the document and tap Stop Sharing.
  2. Tap OK to confirm.

You can re-enable Link Sharing at any time, and the document will be accessible again via the same URL. The users who previously accepted the shared document can access it again via the shared URL but will need to re-download it.

Work with shared documents

By default, shared documents in your library are accessible through the Shared tab. They can be accessed via the respective shared URLs at any time, unless the owner disabled Link Sharing for the document.

Add a shared document to your own folder structure

You can add a document that is shared with you to your own folder structure:

  1. Tap on the arrow next to the document in the Shared tab.
  2. Choose Add to My Documents.
  3. Select a location.
  4. Tap Add to confirm the move.

The shared document is now added to your selected location and is still available through the Shared tab.

Important: When the owner of a shared document disables Link Sharing, the shared document will be removed from all participants' devices and is no longer be accessible via the URL. You may need to contact the owner in case you believe the document should remain shared.

Leave a shared document

Some shared documents only require your attention once, or maybe you want to remove them from your library. In either case, you can leave a shared document:

  1. From the Shared tab, tap on the arrow next to the document you want to leave.
  2. Tap on Leave Shared Document.

The document will be removed. You can access it again via the URL as long as it is still enabled.

See new changes

If another person (i.e. with a different Apple ID) made changes to a shared document, you will see a blue badge in your library and on the document itself. It will show all documents that have been changed and on which pages the changes were made.

A change will be marked as seen when you view the page for more than one second. If there are many pages with unseen changes, you can manually mark them as seen. To do that, open the page thumbnail view in that shared document, tap Select at the top, select the pages, tap Mark as Seen.

Follow a collaborator

To assume the view of an active collaborator, tap the document title at the middle-top, then on the avatar of the collaborator. You will see what they see, including their live edits.


Share a document on the web (experimental)

  1. Open a Goodnotes document that you want to share.
  2. Tap the Share icon in the Nav Bar > Share Link.
  3. Enable Share Link to Collaborate and wait until the link is created.
  4. Tap Sharing Settings and enable Open Document on Web to make the document viewable on the web, even by people without Goodnotes installed.

  5. Tap Send Link from the Share & Export menu and choose an app, e.g. a messaging or email app like Mail, to send the link to, or tap Copy and paste it manually in a message to someone.

Tip: Viewers can still comment on the shared document.

Note that this feature currently has some limitations and these won't be shown on the web:


Q: Can I invite other users directly, for example via email?
A: No, this is not possible at the moment. They can only join a shared document via the URL.

Q: Can I control what others can access in a shared document and which permissions they have?
A: No, this is not possible at the moment. A shared document is public and anyone with the link can open and edit it in Goodnotes. Disable Link Sharing in case you want to revoke access for others.

Q: A stranger joined a document I shared. What can I do?
A: We recommend disabling Link Sharing under Share > disable Share Link to Collaborate. You can see all the participants in Sharing Settings. Their names displayed in this list are associated with their Apple IDs.

Q: I left a shared document. How can I join again?
A: If you have left a shared document, you can always join it again via the same shared URL provided it's still enabled by the owner.

Q: We're using managed Apple IDs in our organization and the feature is not working. What can we do?
A: Please make sure to enable sharing outside the organization and try again.

Q: I opened a Shared Link from within an app but couldn't proceed to the Shared Document.

A: In-app browsers might not understand the Goodnotes protocol for Shared Documents. Please open the link in an actual browser app, like Safari or Chrome.

Tips & tricks

Shared Links also work when you want to share a document with yourself. You can use the link to access your own documents, for example from a calendar event or from your to-do app. Please note that not every external app supports the right link handling system to open the document directly in Goodnotes. You might be first redirected to a web page from which you can open the document.

If you need to use two different accounts on two separate devices (e.g. one for personal documents and the other for work), you can't synchronize your Goodnotes documents via iCloud. With Link Sharing, however, you can now share a document with yourself on the other device.