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Using the Sidebar to navigate your Notebook

You can now navigate your Notebook, move pages, create and edit Outlines and manage Bookmarks in the Sidebar. 

What is the Sidebar?

The Sidebar work similarly to the Thumbnail View found in the top-left of your document. The Thumbnail View allows you to see your entire document, move and delete pages, as well as manage Outlines and Bookmarks. 

However, with Sidebar, you can do this without opening a new window and even access some extra features.

Using the Sidebar

To access the Sidebar, simply tap the icon in the top-left corner of the Document View. Sidebar will then appear on the left panel of your document.


Here you can access 3 panels:

  • Thumbnails
  • Bookmark
  • Outline


In the Thumbnails panel, you can scroll through your document quickly, move pages around, delete and export single or multiple pages, rotate, copy, or move pages to a different document. 

  • Move a page by tapping and holding, then dragging it to your desired position. 
  • For all other actions, tap Edit in the top right corner of the Sidebar. 

By tapping Edit, you will then be able to select one or multiple pages and use the options at the top to Copy, Rotate, export, Mark as Seen, Move and Trash.



Any pages you set as Bookmarks using the Bookmark icon in the top right corner of the Document View will show here in the Sidebar. 

From here you can remove bookmarked pages by tapping the red icon in the top-right of each thumbnail.

You can also Export, Trash, or Add a bookmarked Page to Outline by tapping on the arrow underneath a page thumbnail. 



In the Outline panel, you will be able to view both imported Outlines from your PDFs, and Custom Outlines added by you in Goodnotes, these are shown in Bold. 

Outlines are a really useful tool when dealing with long documents, which is why we have made it easier to add pages to Outline when using the Sidebar. 

To access different Outline views and add the current page to Outline, tap on the 3 dots in the top-right corner of the Sidebar.

You will then see the following options:

  • Show Thumbnail: Toggles thumbnails in Outline list on/off
  • Show PDF Outline: Toggles on/off imported Outline from PDF
  • Show Custom Outlines: Toggles on/off your Custom Outline
  • Add Outline: Adds Current Page to your Custom Outline


If you want to delete one or more pages from Outline, simply tap Edit in the top right corner of the Sidebar, select your page(s) and tap Trash. 

You can also rename your Outlines:

  • Tap Edit in the top right corner of the Sidebar.
  • Tap on the Pencil icon next to the Outline name. 
  • Set your chosen name and tap Apply.

I prefer to use the classic Thumbnail View

If you prefer to use the Thumbnail View, you can set your default preference by topping the Sidebar View Icon in the top-left of the Sidebar. You can then choose to open as either Sidebar or Window and your preference will be saved.