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GoodNotes In-App Purchase FAQ

Whether you want to find out more about your first 3 Notebooks, the differences between the free version and full version, whether you need to pay again after previously owning the app or whether you want to cancel your purchase, these FAQs are here to help you find the right answer and enhance your GoodNotes 5 experience!


Why 3 notebooks?
In our research we found that it was at 3 notebooks (or documents created in GoodNotes) that separated a power user from a casual note-taker.

What counts towards my 3 notebook quota?

This includes notebooks you created in GoodNotes and documents you imported, whether they’re in your Library or the Trash Bin.

For example, if you create one notebook in GoodNotes, and import two files to the app, you will use up the quota. To free it up, at least one notebook needs to be removed and permanently deleted from The Trash Bin.

What are the differences when I unlock the full version?
Unlocking the full GoodNotes experience allows you to create or import an unlimited number of notebooks, search/convert your handwritings created in GoodNotes, and import documents to GoodNotes via email. You can refer to our Pricing page for all the details.

I bought GoodNotes 5 before but deleted it. Do I have to pay again to get it now?
No, you should automatically regain full access to the redownloaded app. If not, you can manually restore your purchase.

Will existing users have to pay again to continue using the full app?
No! If you’ve already paid for GoodNotes 5, you will continue to have access to all features. There should be no change in your note-taking experience.

Will I need to pay again for GoodNotes 5 on Mac when I already got the full version on my iPhone or iPad?
No! We are offering GoodNotes 5 for Mac as a universal purchase, so if you already got the full version of GoodNotes 5 on iPhone or iPad, you can get the full version on Mac for free.

Can I still unlock the full version of GoodNotes 5 for free if I bought GoodNotes 4 before?
Sadly the free upgrade from GoodNotes 4 is no longer available.

Can I sync my notes via iCloud sync and use Auto Backup with the free version?
Yes! Learn more about these features:

Do you offer an Education Discount for Schools/Institutions?
Yes! Any school institutions using Apple School Manager will have full access to GoodNotes for free. See Educational Purchasing FAQ.

Can I share my In-App Purchase with my family?
Yes! Your family will be able to redownload the full app. Learn how to set up Family Sharing.


Why can't I unlock the full app?

First off, if you don't even see an Unlock Now button under the "Full Version Unlock" box, please check that you don't accidentally have in-app purchases disallowed with Screen Time. You can allow in-app purchases by going to device Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > In-app Purchases > Allow:

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If you still can't see that button, try backing up your data, reinstalling the app and restoring your library.


If you can see and tap that Unlock Now button but then experience purchase errors, please note App Store transactions are handled entirely by Apple, not us, so if you've retried a few times without success, please contact Apple Support to verify the validity of your account and/or payment methods. For your own security, app developers can't have access to your Apple ID details.

Why can't I restore my purchase?

Try offloading and reinstalling the app, which should restore your full access. Please go to device Settings > General > iPad Storage > GoodNotes > Offload App. Next, tap "Reinstall App" to have all your documents placed back. Learn more: I Can't Restore Purchase.

How do I get a receipt for my IAP purchase?

Please check out Apple's instructions for finding "GoodNotes" in your Purchase History.

How do I gift the full version to my friends?

It’s not possible to gift an in-app purchase on the App Store, but you can give out Apple ID credit to help them buy it. When you send Apple ID credit, the recipient can use it to pay for in-app purchase items from the App Store. Learn how to buy gift cards.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
Generally, all charges for in-app purchases are non-refundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. Apple has sole discretion when it comes to processing refund requests. Therefore, any related queries should be processed through their Billing and Subscriptions department.

How can I contact GoodNotes support for questions or report a bug?
Please contact us. We'd highly recommend that you have a look at our Help Centre before reaching out, as this is a much faster way for you to find solutions to any questions or bugs you have.